‘Indisk’ is our chain of kitchens serving Indian food in Denmark. After our successful launch at Aarhus in 2016, we are now setting up a new kitchen in Aalborg.

In Aarhus, we are known for serving the best Butter Chicken in town. In addition to Butter Chicken, we also serve vegan, gluten free, nut free and lactose free options. Scroll down for the complete menu.

All the images on this website are of the food we cook at Indisk.

Aarhus Street Food

Our very first venture, Indisk, at Aarhus Street Food, in Aarhus.

Here is the menu,

Lille skål (curry and rice) – 55,-
Stor skål (curry and rice) – 70,-
Rajma Masala (Vegan Kidney Beans)
Butter Chicken
Madras Beef Curry
White Rice (Basmati)
Brown Rice (Organic)
Papadum – 5,-
Samosas with Mango Chutney – 29,-