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Butter Chicken

mildly spiced chicken in a creamy sauce. gluten FREE , nut FREE.

Chicken breasts cooked in a blend of onions and tomatoes finished in butter with aromatic Indian spices and cream.

Recommended with Basmati white rice

Choley Masala

Popular Indian tick gravy with chickpeas. Vegan, gluten FREE, nut FREE, lactose-FREE. Chickpeas cooked in a delicious sauce of tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, aromatic spices and a dash of lemon.


Daal Røde og gule linser, tomater, karry og tempereret med hvidløg, karryblade og krydderier. glutenfri, nøddefri, laktosefri, vegansk


Madras Beef Curry

Spicy beef curry with a punch of coconut. gluten FREE, nut FREE, Lactose-FREE.  Slow-cooked beef prepared in Goan style with spices from madras and a blend of onions and tomatoes, ginger, garlic. Recommended with brown rice.